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Jewel Riders

Main Cast


Merlin is the most infamous name in Avalon. He is a feared wizard among the evil, and a cherished hero among the good. He has been around for a long time, though for how long, not most people know. He came to Avalon from another, secret world that he does not speak of. He is the forefather of the Jewels of Avalon, maintain their balance and order in the land for many years before organizing the Jewel Riders, a small band of heros who aide in him his peace-keeping tasks.

Princess Gwenevere

Gwenevere is the only daughter of the King and Queen of Avalon. She has lived in the castle for most of her life, and does not know much of the outside world. What she does know is that she is expected to inherit her mother's legacy-- to be a Jewel Rider. The Sun Stone has been her prescribed destiny for her whole life, but does she want it? Is she the right person for it even?


Fallon is the daughter of wandering Gypsies. She grew up being able to perform stunning acrobatics and fantastic athletic feats due to her family's profession. She is an incredible athlete and a deadly archer. She enjoys competing with the knights of Avalon, known as the Pack (which consists solely of men). Something of a tomboy, she has a tough time expressing her emotions, but is a kind and intelligent person.


Tamara is the daughter of Doc and Charity, who run a large farm on the outskirts of the Crystal Palace's lands. It is known as Heartland Farms, where many companion animals are raised from infancy. Tamara is the motherly, sweet, understanding type of the group. She is a few years older than the other two, which leaves her with loads of quiet wisdom. Her favorite past-time is singing and playing music, her instrument of choice being the pennywhistle. Tamara can communicate with all animals and not just her animal bond (which she has not discovered yet). While Fallon and Gwen received their companions the day they received their Jewels, Tamara's Heart Stone is made from Wild Magic and has different, mysterious rules.


Sunstar is the only winged unicorn to date. She longs for a place to belong, where she feels like she won't stick out as the odd one. Her father is a loving and understanding unicorn named Orion. Her mother was a pegasus whom disappeared years ago while Sunstar was very small. This filly is a bright and happy individual, with loads of compassion and empathy. This leaves her with a sensitive side which often gets hurt.


Moondance is Fallon's animal bond, a pretty unicorn with a wicked athletic skill. She manages to keep up with Fallon during intense practices and races, who is in turn, competing with the Pack. Moondance is incredibly intelligent and quiet, but certainly not shy. She is a fierce fighter and a truly compatible friend to Fallon.

The Babies


Lady Kale is the estranged sister of the Queen and Gwen's very aunt. Although Kale was first born, the crown instead went to her younger sister, Aneira. The Sun Stone soon followed. Now, left without a kingdom and without a magical Jewel, Kale blamed her misfortune on Merlin, for it was his decision to to giver her sister everything... And her nothing. She once plotted a coup, but was discovered and banished before her plans could be acted out. She has since been on the fringes of society with her companion, the dragon Grimm.